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Description Descriptive information about the data source. This step creates a database alias you use to reference the Oracle database when creating the data source in the ColdFusion Administrator. Be aware you can disable cookies at any time. I am experiencing an error message that I have not come across before. The driver supports the core SQL 92 grammar.

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Lracle the basic information you entered in the Oracle Net8 Easy Config is correct, but the connection test fails, then a visit to your local Oracle 8 DBA is probably necessary. The default value for the Encryption Level connection option has been updated to 1 Accepted.

Oracle ODBC driver 32/bit for Windows, macOS, Linux

Display posts from previous: The client connection string designating the server and database you want to access. The following table describes ColdFusion Native driver options for Oracle 7.

High Performance Every operation with Oracle becomes significantly faster using such capabilities of our driver as Local data caching, connection pooling, query optimization and much more. Thank you for subscribing to our monthly digest!

Click OK to continue browsing the Devart site. By default, encryption is now used on data sent between the driver and the database oracl if the database server requests or requires it.


Oracle Database

Oracle 8 users will have the original libclntsh. Mon Feb 16, 8: A product specialist will be glad to get in touch with you. When you’ve completed all the steps in this section, you will need to stop and restart ColdFusion services to reload the odbc. Mon Feb 16, 3: The driver supports failover. Learn more in this case study about how they were able to use our ODBC Driver to provide out-of-the-box Oracle database connection.

To build a version of libclntsh. Both Keyset and Static cursors are enabled. Tue Mar 31, Support has been added for Oracle Database Vault. odgc

ODBC Driver for Crystal Reports

Support for returning implicit result sets from stored procedures. It depends – but allow me to ask a few questions first: In addition, we provide support for Advanced Connection String parameters.

This change allows the driver to connect to servers requiring Oracle Advanced Security data integrity checks using the default configuration. See Trademarks for appropriate markings.

Connecting to Oracle 7.3/8.0 Databases

Moreover, with our driver you can perform bulk orscle to Oracle database by combining SQL statements into batches, thus simplifying and speeding up large data modification to Oracle. Creating the data source in ColdFusion: To use these algorithms, specify their values using the Data Integrity Types connection option and enable data integrity checks with the Data Integrity Level connection option.


They can be used to connect various data sources such as: The driver is compatible with 3rd-party data analyses tools, such as Microsoft Excel, and integrates with various IDEs and systems like Visual Studio, etc. Thus allowing any desktop and web applications to connect to Oracle from various environments and platforms, that support ODBC.

For compatibility purposes, ofbc EnableNcharSupport attribute can still be manually specified for this release, but will be deprecated in subsequent versions of the product. To diagnose and fix the problem. Thanks for the info as it is good for myself to know, But sorry for how you had to find out. If you try to use another app with the DataDirect Merant drivers which Crystal installs it will also give you a license error.