Message 1 of Does anyone has the block diagram for KIx. Unfortunaltely keithley engineers are strongly committed not to provide the block diagram. I noticed you selected 0 A for both the current start and stop values. Appreciates for any advices. This is what I am thinking so far.

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Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. At this point, you may want to contact Keithley.

Keithley 2182

Message 1 of There is no manual of KI I don’t know if you can setup such a “transistor”measurement!? The problem happened when I chose the sweep in terms of voltage rather than current.

As a side note: Also, I would contact Keithley concerning the functionality of the and A. I tried running the program in “Demo mode” with your same settings, and the run was successful, without throwing a warning.

Appreciates for any advices.

Keithley 2182 Meter

nznovoltmeter But I could not figure out how to set it right. Message 7 of I feel people have written some program like KIx.


This is what I am thinking so far. I want to edit the program and make it convenient to me, as I suppose with my limited labview knowledge it will take more time if I strat labvidw scratch.

Message 4 of Are you able to take a voltage sweep on a transistor?

Keithley Nanovoltmeter – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

Message 5 of For some reason, I was unable to open the data sheets and manuals on Keithley’s website. The Keithley driver is not a supported National Instruments driver, but I’ll try to help you the best I can.

As it says in the warning message, you may also want to check the connections of your transistor and verify that it is enough signal to be measured. Message 6 of Please attach this VI to the reply of this post or point me in the direction to where you had found it. Most Active Software Boards: Message 9 of This may be the source of the warning; the sweep is starting and stopping at 0 A.


Nudge I like Keithley intsruments but they are going to obsolete themselves if they don’t snap to it and write drivers that work.

I think that the plus with the conductance measurement software from Keithley are designed for resistor-like device: Message 10 of Since this is an executable and I am unable to view the Block Diagram, I cannot troubleshoot the code.

Message 8 of But it seems trying to locate a resistance value for the device under testthat is unable to accomplished on a transistor. You can contact an engineer at Keithley here.

Thanks for your reply. This voltage sweep function works fine over a resistor, but not over a transistor. Good luck in your applications!