By designating an attribute on the space class as a partitioning key, the space proxy will then know to which partition a particular instance of the space class belongs to. This join uses the share nothing approach. You can also query the space for documents. It is important to understand which SQL construction driver converts to which Space calls. The SQL query support is provided in two flavors: I have N partitions of data that keeps unrelated partitions of my data. See below example for a space class with a nested Map and a nested object fields.

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UUID id Object CatalogNumber, JavaType class java.

For example you can query Nested Maps by key,query with Regular Expression, Enum attributes and others. The level can be configured with one of the following options: Requires less memory on the client side, but may result in slower performance.

Gigaspaaces by Askbot version 0. In this case we will divide the data into several partitions. If not provided, the default configuration is used. If you need to change the index type of an attribute in a subclass you can override the attribute and annotate it with SpaceIndex using the requested index type to disable gigaspacrs use NONE. All Basic SQL statements: When running partitioned space, data is partitioned based on the routing field hash code value into the relevant space.


The suggested way is to use option 5. Other parameters are optional.

JDBC Query on subspace space – Gigaspaces XAP forum

For more information, see: This type of space is called embedded space. List of JDBC error codes and their descriptions: I want to compute result on every sub-partition in parallel and that client will reduce results.

This join uses the share nothing approach. Powered by Askbot version 0. This will allow you to create more sufficient queries.

The list of supported SQL features is provided below: It should be used for reporting and basic SQL query based applications. It is important to understand which SQL construction yigaspaces converts to which Space calls.

Please sign in tags users badges help. Since each space partition stores a subset of the databased on the entry routing field hash code valueyou need to load the data from the database in the same manner the client load balance the data when interacting with the different partitions. See the Space URL configuration page.

JDBC Driver

In this part of the tutorial we will demonstrate how to create a space and how you can interact with it. Now we are ready to query the space. The data from tables are loaded taking into account filters and projections. Since we support only part of the SQL syntax this path should be taken with this extra caution and would normally requires close support from Gigaapaces technical team.


They use the distributed tasks to execute the join. You will need to perform remote calls when reading from the database.

Each partition loads the build table gigapsaces the entire cluster and stores it in memory. The template is a POJO of the desired entry type, and the attributes which are set on the template i.

SQL Driver

You should deploy the ExternalDataSource implementation to each space. The Hash Join algorithm is applied for equality conjunctions when only gigaspacew conditions are used in the join predicateswhile the Nested Loop Join algorithm is applied in other cases.

XAP provides several ways to perform queries against the space:.