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Locating by XPath 4. Will only select anchor elements Useful when testing navigation. Every form has input fields with unique names. What do you think are the limitations of Selenium IDE? There are various strategies to locate elements in a page. Most of the automation testers believe that using CSS selector makes the execution of script faster compared to XPath locator.

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The CSS class locator uses a specific class attribute to get to the first element on locayors web page. Locators can be classified into webcriver categories: Take note of its HTML tag which is “font” in this case and notice that it has no class, id, or name attributes.

What do you think are the limitations of Selenium IDE? This locator is always the best way to locate elements on the page. Check out the below list of locators approved by Selenium.

Every form has input fields with unique names.

8 Ways to Use Locators for Selenium Testing

We hope that this Selenium tutorial would have helped you in doing that. If there are multiple elements with the same link text then the first one will be selected.


It should take you to the Flight Finder page shown below. Hence, you need to put in a more advanced locator technique. In this lcators, we will learn, Store commands, Echo commands, Alerts and Popup locatprs. You should notice that the “Boston to San Francisco” label becomes highlighted.

Click the first line on the Editor.

Selenium Tutorial: Locators

Use this when you want to locate an element by class attribute name. This is useful for locating items that have a unique style on the page.

XPath is a language for traversing the structure of the DOM document object model of the web page. A Field Name locator for username and password fields on a login page usually work great. But they are resilient and powerful. Refer to the image below. Each element is indexed with a number starting from 0 just like an array You specify which element you wish to access by putting its index number into the square brackets in getElementsByName’s syntax below.

Works well only on elements with fixed ids and not generated ones. Use this when you know link text used within an anchor tag.

Locators in Selenium IDE: CSS Selector, DOM, XPath, Link Text, ID

A complete description of XPath is out of scope for this document and there is a plethora of great information available on the web regarding how to use it. It is the most complicated method of identifying elements because of too many different rules and considerations. What is a Scrollbar? To use locators like the XPath is easy as you give the direct element path.


Locating by ID This is the most common way of locating elements since ID’s are supposed to be unique for each element. In general, elemenf names are unique to the form, but not always. Currently working in an MNC. Go to the demo page http: Use this when you want to locate an element by CSS selector syntax.

With this strategy, the first element with the matching CSS selector will be returned.

The ID is no doubt the best locator to use in Selenium.