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If you know of any way to insert box clips of programming text please let me know. I never see a glitch if I am showing three edges on the screen. Nothing to be done about it in that case and it makes the above speculations academic. For this, I just use:. Hi, Most of what you guys are talking about is over my head, but I have an that is dead.

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Inside a Hantek DSO USB Oscilloscope | fabiobaltieri

Being able to use the external trigger and then pull in up to a 32kb sample for immediate analysis could be quite handy. I doubt that many were sold so finding used units would be hard.

Yeah, I did the comparison as well at the time. Seems like you are pushing the dso-2009 with mhz. Most importantly, the spectrum did not work for me, and the software was not entirely stable. Second — the TriggerCounter is activated and counts to zero. I bought the unit second hand, so no returns.

I am kind of ashamed posting this question reading the level of the topics already posted. But if the algorithm is so wrong I would expect to see the triggered edge jump around as I manually move the triggerpoint along sample.


Could you estimate how often ,inux you see the wrong waveform when sampling the 1kHz test signal?

How to use the Hantek DSO-2100 USB oscilloscope in Linux

The question is — what would cause the calculated waveform index to be too big generally by a factor that seems fairly pinux There are pitfalls all over the place. The waveform and trigger index are now uploaded. The production line might have a great day when your 60 mhz part was made and ended up marking a mhz part as a 60 because they had a quota to fill.

Inside a Hantek DSO-2090 USB Oscilloscope

This is the dsk-2090 output from an electric guitar. The scope is realized with a standard 1. In other words, vertical measure is fine, horizontal is not. Temporary is working with built in converter from power bank.

You are commenting using your WordPress. So much for bleeding edge.

DSO linux driver | All About Circuits

Those figures probably only matters if your are building something more high end think of having the ADC part of a more complex signal processing chain …. And the next value lnux become In any case, most of what I see myself doing with this scope is more along the lines of this screenshot:. They probably found this to be working well enough. The next value will be ! The megabyte of memory linuz makes capturing debug timing information a breeze.


This is a picture of the PCB with the main elements highlighted the shielding cover of channel 1 frontend has been removed:.

The overall look and feel is from the s. When I move the trigger slightly to the left the jitter is much diminished. When setting an offset slider at the dso2-090 top of the scope, afterwards it becomes hard to move the slider down again. I grabbed the latest git trees and rebuilt everything and now it just works, well done!

I never see a glitch if I am showing three edges on the screen. I ve noticed that the analog front end is shielded It could of course have been me also lihux up things in my build, for whatever reason. I find it interesting that you use Slackware.