It’s insane how huge the difference is. Hope you get it working! Polarity can be anything. I think it’s more like the latter. I believe someone tried but was not able to get it stable over like 2mhz overclock. Yep, it is disabled and it does not matter wether or not the hide modes is ticked or not. But my question is, would it be possible to extract the timings from the INF file and use them with your program to achieve

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My old S24AH did 75Hz easily but anything past that no signal at all. Occasionally people get some decent gains but its an oddity.

Dell UltraSharp UHM Over Clocking – – An Overclocking Community

This gave me 60 to 80 fps while shadowplay recording at the same time Something is wrong with your PC. Oct 22, GlobalOffensive subscribe unsubscribereaders 8, users here now Submit a banner! Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: It’s like playing a whole new game. ToastyXFeb 28, Perhaps a option somewhere for windows to always ask if i want to keep the settings?


Overvolting is what causes issues. If you have the same issue at work I imagine not playing gamesthen it isn’t the change rate.

I’ve had this screen for about years now. So if you want all the contrast you can get and have correct colors at the same time set rgb levels as follows: ToastyXFeb 24, Feb 7, Using a pixel clock tuner you may be able to get it up to 90 Hz but the monitor won’t actually be displaying a lot of those frames.

Even though it’s supposedly running at 75hz, PixPerAn shows 60 fps at the top right. I wouldn’t reccomend doing this, I tried it and the difference you get going from 60hz to 75 or 80 is not that big compared to the difference between 60hz and hz.

That is why i stick to my argument about the frame rate. People doing this should know that more hz doesn’t exactly mean better. Distributed Computing – General.

I have a small problem I mostly fill roles, but there are times I know I want to play DPS, and no one can tell me otherwise. Dell U – Now we are talking, Ultrasharp with all the goodies Hmm, I don’t really know what settings i should use.



DavsteOct 23, Intel Iris MB In game settings: Idd, it’s pretty dumb to post this and not explain to people that it can damage your monitor and that it voids warranty. U2312h, the time getting a x monitor would run you atleast bucks. It feels uch better in games and there’s no image degradation and it’s stable.

Would this even be worth trying? Tip Video 60hz monitor users, you should read this!

Voi perkele Windows 8: For now you should upgrade to a p with or hz as anything higher will require top end video hardware for anything but casual non gaming use. I haven’t heard of this happening to anyone else with Windows 8 so far.