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After reinstalling them, everything worked great. The circuit controlling USB ports is integrated into the motherboard. I have compaq presario f Everything you need to get started with your computer is right there, letting you get started right out of the box. Those of you having issues with the Network Card not working, heres the solutions…..

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Go to amazon and buy a virtual 5. If you have no sound even after reimaging the hard drive, this is a hardware related problem. Thanks for the help: I believe only one USB port is located on that board.

Im going to clean it up a bit and see how it gos,but its been go to me so cant gripe to much…. I think im having the same or similar problem as Terris.

Whether i can clean and dry it out thoroughly enough is another matter. I bumped the top of my LCD display by accident a couble of weeks ago. Everything you need to get started f730ux your computer is right there, letting you get started right out of the box. The only indication I get when I plug in the power supply is a little flashing light on the left front of the case [right below the lid] and when I pust the power button a little flashing light right in the middle of the button for a few seconds but nothing else?


How to disassemble Compaq Presario F – Inside my laptop

I had taken the CMOS battery out for the heat process, so it went thru some initializing steps. Also my computer has startup problems similar to a car.

As a work around on the keeps trying to turn on, blinking off, and restarting again and again, and again, and……… — I have found that pressing the power button to a count of six and vdeo letting go will work MOST of the time. You can skip step 2 — hard drive removal and step 3 — memory removal.

Did you check memory modules? I looked at it real good and see no spots where it may have fried.

Also he said it might be a cord that may have became disconnected. Release the wireless card antenna cables.

HP Presario F730US Notebook PC – Product Specifications

I managed to solve that problem by putting RAM in to a single slot instead of both the slots. When the screen dims and turns dark, all I do to make the light go back on is to close to laptop lid and open is up. Dont forget the thermopaste after you replace the cooling fan or the whole heatsink assembly with fan as you broke the seal on the thermopaste on top of processor because you took it apart, awesome step by step! I would try to compas broken one back to the store we bought and see what they say.


Replace the wireless card. Does the wires connect like the ones on the LEFT side of cimpaq picture or… 2. I have Presario COmpaq F Also, the short musical tone that normally sounds vide the computer is warming up when first turned on, does not sound. ANy ideas on what might be causing this?

What is your laptop model? Also, take a look inside the heat sink. You know that you are getting real technical support that won’t go away in a few months when you deal with Hewlett-Packard. Do you have any advice for me?

How to disassemble Compaq Presario F700

I have checked the voltage output of power supply and it is Any and all help will be appreciated. As a suggestion, it would be good to include how all the connecters unplug, some were not explained and confusing at first. Entering my mb part number on ebay brought up an ad for a repair cokpaq in FL. But you can sell them.