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However when playing late at night the dialog can be hard to hear, and subtle low-level effects may get lost or alternatively the loud parts will wake everyone up. In addition to the dedicated LFE channel, the amplifier crosses over the low frequencies on all of the satellite speakers to the subwoofer. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Speaker System Details Speaker Type. Only after reader response through the discussion in the forums led us to contact Creative again, at which point they informed us that our unit was in fact different..

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Multimedia Home Speaker Systems.

Smart Home by Rick Broida Nov 27, Dolby Digital soundtracks can have a very wide dynamic range between soft and loud sounds. Creative describes the system as “a powerful Dolby Digital home theatre speaker solution for use with either a Sony PlayStation 2 console, set-top DVD player, or a PC,” going so far as to de-emphasize the nature of the system as a computer audio system.

For the amplifier’s Multi-Channel selection, the Digital DIN is on par with the coax connection in the digital section, and the analog connection is fairly quiet as well. After all, the Sound Blaster is the product put them at the top of the sound card market.

However, it has been reduced to an almost unnoticeable level, so long as the input is not producing any noise in the system.

Cambridge Soundworks Desktop Theater 5.1 Floorstanding Speakers

The connectivity for the soundworrks is extensive, with multiple types of inputs for both digital and analog sources. There are also 3 dials to control the volumes of the subwoofer, center speaker and surround satellites.


Alexa’s music-discovery flow will now be like a conversation, asking you questions and playing song samples to land on tunes you actually want to hear. When using a very good speaker system at loud volume this can provide fantastic sound that comes close to a truly theatrical experience.

This same sort of philosophy seems to build into the design decisions for the product, as it works fairly independently of the computer system, as opposed to some of the other surround sound solutions that have actually shifted more of their tasks to the computer.

Cambridge SoundWorks has chosen to not make this information available to the public; possibly for saving space in publication though the information is not available through acmbridge the company, eithercambrjdge possibly to avoid quantifying what is revealed by listening tests.

Speakers by Steve Guttenberg Nov 10, Log in Don’t have an account? So positioning can be everything to get that perfect sound.

The Sound – Cambridge SoundWorks DTT Digital Surround Speaker System *UPDATED*

The original review system was a preproduction model of the system; the production model has corrected xambridge excessively noisy center channel originally reported. The front of the decoder is a removable faceplate. With 40W dedicated to it in the amplifier, the ported box really provides strong reinforcement for the LFE channel in Dolby Digital.

Unfortunately, Creative did not inform us that the original system was different from the production model even when we questioned the noisy center channel in the beginning of the review phase.

So the cambridgd produced from the speakers is of a better quality since the signal is kept as digital until it leaves the doundworks noisy environment of the computer case The input ports are neatly placed at the top of the box while the speaker output ports are lined up at the bottom.


Speaker System System Components. The main difference of using this port as opposed to the analog ports is that the DAC of the DTT is a higher quality than that of the Sound Blaster card. cambriege

The center channel now sits quietly on top or below the monitor, instead of hissing directly at the user as in the preproduction unit. In saying that the noise problem has been fixed, it does not mean that all noise has sounddorks eliminated from the system. The system has a strong presence at the bottom of the frequency spectrum, which is centered around the subwoofer. Before You Listen Doundworks impressions can work for or against a product.

Audio System Designed for.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Before addressing the system’s characteristics, it is important to explain an issue that resulted in the original review describing the system with excessive noise.

Smart Home by Rick Broida Nov 14, In addition to the dedicated LFE channel, the amplifier crosses over the low frequencies on all of the satellite speakers to the subwoofer. There is also a motorized master volume control button indicated on the box by the blue LED which can both be turned by hand or by the wireless remote also provided.

Can be coupled with other inputs e.

Speakers by Steve Guttenberg Dec 1, Speakers by Steve Guttenberg Dec 8, Watch it live here Mobile by John Falcone Nov 8,